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Communication is only a problem when there isn't any

Live events rely on communication systems to ensure that everything happens synchronously and seamlessly.

No problem, right?

Until your equipment goes down and you find yourself cut off from the rest of your event team.

Showcom equipment

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HelixNet Desk Station


Wireless Systems

Designed for extensive communication on large-scale productions, wireless systems provide crisp, clear, digital audio across a large work area as well as the convenience of untethered communication for mobile users.

A wireless solution would be the best choice for live events, major productions and large-scale outdoor gatherings.

Digital Wired Communication

Digital wired communication systems provide all the features and functionality of industry standard partyline systems with digital audio intelligibility as well as IP connectivity over a digital network.

Multiple systems may also be linked together over a fibre or Ethernet connection to support an increased number of users.

2-Way Radio Systems

These highly-efficient, 2-way radio communications systems deliver efficient communication over a range of events applications from concerts to sporting events, movie productions, corporate communications and more.

This system is easily integrated into our wireless and wired systems, depending on your needs.