Clear-Com HelixNet

Clear-Com HelixNet – Digital Wired System

Clear-Com’s HelixNet can operate over any standard shielded twisted-pair cable (microphone or CAT5/6), but all audio channels, program audio and distributed Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) can run on a facility’s standard IT network infrastructure via an Ethernet/LAN connection.

HelixNet delivers all features and functions of industry-standard systems with digital audio clarity as well as IP connectivity to any digital network

HelixNet has user-friendly controls that make it easy to operate. The system can be wired using a Category cable—no rewiring of an existing in-house cables.

HelixNet comes with interface module option bays for integration with 2-or-4-wire intercom systems. To hire this system click here.

HelixNet Desk Station with S-Mounted Bracket

The Speaker Station can be installed through:

(1) connecting a powerline XLR-3 port on the Speaker Station to a powerline XLR-3 port on a Main Station.

(2) connecting an Ethernet port on the Speaker Station to an Ethernet port on an HMS-4X HLI-ET2 option module.

(3) connecting a headset or microphone to the Speaker Station.

(4) connecting power supply to the DC power port on the Speaker Station. (Not necessary if using Powerline or PoE.)

HelixNet Belt Pack Front

HelixNet Belt Pack Back